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Student success – award winning photographs

It has now been at least 2 months ago that I urged (or did I push?) Richard – one of my photography students – to submit a selection of his outstanding seascape photography work to the ‘Black+White Photography’ magazine for their black & white landscape photography competition. As we haven’t heard anything back from them we thought someone else might have snatched the prize. You can imagine how delighted I was when I opened my latest B+W magazine (July 2009 issue No. 100) and found Richards work presented on a double spread announcing him the winner of the landscape photography competition.
Award winner, photography competition
Richard has now been a student of mine for three years running and he is currently doing his NCFE Level 3 photography course which is a two year course. Three years ago Richard enrolled on a NCFE Level 1 photography course with me. He started as a beginner but has always been open to expand his knowledge and he is very enthusiastic about photography (but on occasion a bit impatient as he wants things to be perfect – agree?). In his second year he continued to do a traditional darkroom course with me were he learned a lot about interpretation and printing of photographs. And now after his first year of his two year Level 3 course he has created his stunning set of seascape images as part of his self devised assignment.
For me as a tutor it is such a reward to see how all my students have developed and improved on their skills throughout the years. Photography is my passion and on the courses it is my aim to nourish the interest in photography and to create a basis for individual development and hopefully a lifelong passion for photography as well.
In the near future I might be able to organise a public exhibition to present all of my students best work and give others an opportunity to share our passion.
I would like to thank all my students for being such a great bunch of learners and congratulations to Richard for his success in winning the first prize with his photographs in a nationwide competition.